Alex Baines-Buffery, Director and Co-Founder


For years I worked in TV as an Associate Producer. I’ve worked with some huge names like Sir David Attenborough, Dr. Alice Roberts and even Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing. This job also gave me the opportunity to work on Ray Mears Wild Britain. It was on that show that I really got explore the Weald, a fascinating place because the unique geology and geography means it has remained relatively unchanged since the Middle Ages. It is this same geology that produces such wonderful wine. I am delighted to be using my experience setting up documentary shoots all over the world to give people wonderful holidays in the UK.

I love the freedom you get from cycle touring. It is one of my favourite things in the world. I started Wine Rides because I wanted to show more people what a fantastic and liberating way it is to spend your free time.

There is nothing like climbing a hill and finding a majestic view at the top that you have earned, then flying down the other side just a little too fast.

But cycling is only one half of Wine Rides. The other essential element is local food and wine.  That is why we are really proud to be partnering with the British producers of world class wines.

Hayley Baines-Buffery, Co-Founder


I have had a lot of fun helping my husband Alex to make Wine Rides a reality. For years we’ve enjoyed touring Europe – packaging up our bikes and heading off to places like the Isle of Wight, Black Forest, France and Holland. My vision for Wine Rides is that you will experience the best that cycle touring has to offer – great scenery, comfortable rest stops and the company of others that share a passion for all the good things in life.

As Head of Sustainable Business at leading sustainability charity BioRegional, it is my ambition that Wine Rides will have a positive effect on the environment. At the heart of everything we do is a desire to help people connect with the landscape and enjoy themselves without causing harm to their bodies or the environment.

Irma and Rodger Cook, Owners of Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard


Roy and Irma, like their vineyard, are disarmingly charming. As you drop down into the valley where their Organic Vineyard is nestled, you immediately relax.  This place is a beautiful, rustic, treasure trove.  Roy and Irma gained experience making wine on the continent and 30 years ago set up this magical place. As soon as you come here you will want to keep coming back.

When I met these guys I thought “they are living the dream”. They have actually managed to get the good life. As soon as you start talking to them you can see that they care about the environment and have passion for the wines they make. At every turn is a new country wine. This unassuming place has been making artisan wines since before the rest of us knew that was a cool thing to do.

David Carr Taylor, Owner of Carr Taylor Vineyard


David Carr Taylor is a real pioneer. He is one of those great guys who people laughed at at the time, and he went and did it anyway.

Carr Taylor is the original British Vineyard. They were the first. In the 1970’s when David sold his engineering firm and set up a vineyard people thought he was mad. Today Carr Taylor is one of the most successful businesses in a British industry that has a real buzz about it.

He is a truly inspiring chap to meet and cares passionately about what they do.