Afrikids: What an amazing charity.


A few weeks ago Afrikids got in touch with me and asked me if I would like to help them with one of their campaigns: here

It’s an honor for us to help spread the word:

 So what do you get if you take part?

A chance to win one of our top cycling holiday packages and have a weekend in one of our Bell Tents: If that appeals to you: Please head over there and enter their prize draw. Wine Rides is not the only prize on offer, it is an advent calendar, so there are a whole host of great prizes and the stakes vary depending on the value of the prize in question.

Even if you don’t win you have the certainty of making a massive impact on the lives of some young people in Ghana West Africa. I agreed to offer up one of our holidays because it means a lot to me to be able to help young children, who through no fault of their own, don’t yet live in a country with some of the advantages we take for granted here in the UK.

Afrikids Map

Where your money will help these kids

If you take part in this raffle you can help keep kids in education long enough to make a massive difference in their life chances. The money they raze also goes to projects that work with families who have disabled children in Ghana keeping them safe and well looked after.

Perhaps closest to my heart they also help teenage entrepreneurs in Ghana build businesses so they can support their communities.

Sometimes, you just have to give yourself the freedom to let go and just do something that is an unequivocally nice thing. There is nothing that makes you feel better about your place in the world that taking the opportunity, even if it is only in small way to help some other people out. So please, if you have £23 or less check out the prizes and see if there are any you want to enter the raffle for. If you win and get to be the first person to come on Wine Rides this way you will have the ultimate bragging rights: “Yeah I am enjoying a lovely weekend away, but you know what. I did it because I wanted to help give a kid in Ghana the opportunity to stay in school.” Who isn’t going to be impressed by that?



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