Almost time to get on your bike

Head to import Wine Rides meetings

Heading to important Wine Rides meeting


Moving a 44Kg grill.

Moving a 44Kg grill.

They gave me a discount and deliver the a fridge for  free. Cargo bike making the world a friendly place

They gave me a discount and then delivered the a fridge for free. Hence the bike is empty














Preparation for the Wine Rides season are well underway. We are doing more trips this year and are experimenting with a couple of electric bikes. We been pleased to see our new features were picked up by Olive Magazine:

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this season. Our first party this year is a group of ladies, who are all friends that try and meet up with each other once or twice a year. Speaking to them on the phone and via email they all seem lovely and I can never help but be staggered by how nice the people are who buy our holidays.

I can only assume that the cycling, camping and wine appeal to people who have a sense of fun and adventure.

The preparations themselves have also been a real hoot. If you follow us on Facebook you will have seen all the behind the scenes fun I have been having, collecting the bits of kit we are using this year with a cargo bike. I am really glad that as Hayley and I build up the business we have been able to keep our green values integral to Wine Rides:  Hence using a cargo by to make deliveries rather than a car.

The sun is shining, my tan is coming along nicely and there is nothing like the feeling of freedom that comes from being out on the road, in the fresh air and amongst beautiful scenery.

If you have been following this blog over the winter and wandering about booking on a trip please don’t wait there aren’t that many spots left!




That blog felt a bit like pure business promotion, and I don’t want to be that guy. So if you what to come on a trip, please book on we would love to have you. Otherwise I hope you enjoy this series of images of Hayley showing me what I would look like with hair……


Alex without hare.

What would I look like with hair?



With out hair, but knowing what could have been

I’d look awesome, that’s what