Christmas Gifts for Younger Men:

Buying for Your Partner: aprox Late teens, 20’s


Money saving tip:


At this point, men are probably going to be as impressed by sexual favors as anything you can spend money on. So genuinely consider how much bang you are getting for your buck?


Activities are good: they are particularly good if the chap in question is reasonably confident he is going to get some at the end of the night. A high protein e.g. stake based meal, washed down with wine and followed by chocolate brownies, ice cream and sex, is pretty much guaranteed to please most men. No it is not original, but I have never got up on the 25th of December and thought. “OMG, I hope I get just the most ‘original’ gift today.”


General Rule: There are very few points for originality.


Normally I’m worried that what I have bought for others won’t pass muster, and that I can at least fain interest in what has been bought for me.


Memorable gifts like this:


It was for my birthday not Christmas but: Hayley took me on the London Eye on fire work’s night. We then had dinner at my favorite restaurant. Not a new one she just heard about, or someone recommended: It was the one I like to eat at.  I don’t remember the details but this evening almost certainly culminated with chocolate brownies and ice cream.


Buying Stuff for Your (young) Partner:


If you need to buy a thing for him, then these are few things to think about: A young man is basically a Chimp with an erection that can talk, and they don’t own anything. If you can’t find a gift for your young man, perhaps he is defective? Get another one.


Helpful questions:

Does he own a watch?

Does he own shoes?

Does he own a wallet?

What does he spend his own money on? Buy that: Football, Music, Comedy, or Computer games.