Every relationship has a Clown and Policemen

Hayley and I have always agreed that every relationship has a clown a
policemen. It is something that was once said in an episode of men behaving
badly and they are words I have lived by ever since. Look at all the people
you know in good relations and you will be able to identify a clown and
policemen in each.
Often the man is the clown but this isn’t always the case. Women often make
excellent relationship clowns. And this system holds true for same sex
couples: That’s why it is such a good system.
It is rare there will be any disagreement about who is the clown and who is
the policemen. Although if a couple hasn’t been confronted with this idea
before, they may resist this characterization at first. Normally because
the policeman is unwilling to acknowledge the mantle of “policeman”.

FYI: There is nothing wrong with being the “policemen” in your
relationship: They do after all, make most of the important decisions and
usually control the finances.
There is a simple test to work out which one you are in your relationship:
If you are wearing big floppy shoes and a curly bright wig, you’re the

Bellow are the reasons why it is important for clowns and policemen to find each other:

Two Clowns =  Two Sad clowns

two sad clowns

Two Policemen = Two Policemen being Too Serious. (they also start to look
a bit like clowns, sad clowns)

two sad policemen

Clown and a Policemen: That’s what you need! :-)

policeman controlling clown

Not enough Clowns:

two policemen one clown

Not enough Policemen:

two clowns one policemen

Its funny until This happens:

clown got hold of gun
Every Clown needs a policemen: What would policemen do without a Clowns?

I think policemen can survive on their. Clowns can not. A clown living on
their own is a recipe for a dead clown. Nobody likes to see a dead clown.
In your heart you know everything i have said is true. :-)