Cycle Lane Email: Lord Watson

Dear Lord Watson,
I’d like to thank you for your work in the lords. The work people like you do is incredibly valuable.  I wish there was a mechanism that made it easier for the public to find out when members of the lords have spoken out on their behalf.
I am writing to you because as a member of a special interest group my electronic threat response system alerted me to something you said recently in the Lords. I apologies at the outset for emailing you in order to quibble.
Bicycle lanes now ‘ideologically planned now choke the roads’. You seemed to be suggesting that bike lanes increase the danger we face from terrorism.
I am sure like any rational person you are aware that obesity and ill health is a much greater killer than terrorism. The way terrorism succeeds is in the response it generates, more than by its direct effects.
I am very sorry if bike lanes have made  your journeys slower. I hope it helps to know that they do make a lot of peoples lives much better.
I am not anti-cars. I rented a very nice one this weekend to take my family to see friends in north Yorkshire. I just wanted to let you know that me, my wife and our 2 year old benefit immensely from being able to get about on bikes and do away with a private car. For what it cost me to fill the car twice, I can keep 3 bikes on the road for a year.
The money we save, contributes towards us raising our son in a home we own. It is the equivalent to a foreign family holiday every year and it means I can stay fit while getting to the shops. Hopefully as a fit and active person I will enjoy I long and happy life with my family.
Sitting it traffic for 6 hours on the M1 this weekend, I didn’t see a single bike lane or cyclist or narrow road. But I did see an awful lot of cars. More than I could count, and they seem to be the main impediment.
I don’t worry about my 2 year old being killed by terrorist. That is an extremely remote possibility. I do worry about my son being hit by a car. That is a very real threat that will require years of daly vigilance.
Even though it may not be to your direct benefit, please support the continued expansion of segregated bike lanes. They are delivering freedom. Both freedom of movement and economic freedom to the people who use them.
Bike lanes are a network. The benifits they provide increase exponentially as the network grows. A the moment the broken up nature and lack of segregation means most people are too scared of cars to cycle. We need to work hard to put enough lanes in to give normal people the option to switch to bikes if they want.
As a powerful and important person I know you can have a lot of influence over this. That’s why I have taken the time to set out my case for bike lanes as best I can.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email. It is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes Alex.