Dads Guide to looking after the Kids

What are some fun things that dad can do with the kids so Mum can get away with her mates for a few days? Well below is a list of sensible time consuming suggestions. Then we have few dangerous and exciting things that will make dad seem super cool, but are frankly so dangerous he will have to be on his game.

Sensible “Mum approved activities”

Visit the library: and discuss the kid’s favorite books

Plan a Picnic: Let the kids pick and pack the food. Mums away so it doesn’t have to make any sense or be any good for them

Play Board Games.

Play Ball Games

Go to the Cinema

Go Swimming

Plan a hike: then actually go hiking, otherwise it’s just a lesson in disappointment, and life has plenty of those.

Photography Day: take photos anywhere, and then have fun editing them on the computer and even print the best ones on glossy paper.

Cooking or Baking, get your kids to cook their dinner (with lots of help.) Or bake something.

Make Massive bubbles.

 Do some drawings

 Play computer games

 T-shirt printing: Buy the iron-on paper and make your own T shirts.

Dangerous activities

 Bair in mind that above you agreed to “go swimming” and statistically that is the most dangerous thing you can do with the kids. Below are a few hero activities that Dad can do which apparently “haven’t been approved by Mum” but are actually pretty safe so long as there is adult supervision

Take an electronic devise apart and put it back together. Even if you don’t know what the parts do, trying to work it out is really good for your mind. That old Nokia mobile phone you have lying around is perfect for this.

 Let your Kids drive the Car: Take the kids to an empty car park and let them drive the car.

Play with fire: Build a bonfire and let the kids light it.

Buy a pocket knife: Sharpen a stick. Teach them to cut away from themselves and that blunt knives are what cut’s you, sharp knives are safe.

Build a bow and arrow and fire it. This teaches concentration and responsibility.

Throw a spear.

Go jogging.

Break a Law: illegally down load a film.

Cook something in the dish washer.

Build a Den or tree house

Climb right to the top of a big tree

A Mum’s weekend away can be a chance for Dad to take center stage. Your kids may see him in a new light. You never know, they could end up having a great weekend and you can enjoy hearing all about it when you get back.


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