Gift Certificates

Due to popular demand we are making a limited number of  gift certificates available as a trial.

The person you are buying this for MUST let us know what weekend they want to come on by the 31st January 2016. We know this is a relatively short window, but it stops us getting in a terrible pickle and is to ensure we don’t have any double bookings or disappointed Wine Cyclists driven to drink for all the wrong reasons.

For now please fill in your own details and I will contact you asap in order to get some details for your Gift Recipient.

Prior to their Wine Ride the  Gift Recipient will have to fill in the below form on our website. This is so we have their details and they are insured.

By the end of January 2016, once we have their contact details from you, we will email them a link where they can submit their information.

You will have paid in full for them, but we still need to get information from them directly to ensure we don’t feed them something they are not supposed to eat.

Right! Enough of that T&C’s type stuff. Please direct your attention to the green box below where you can select the best Christmas gift EVER!