Fast Exercise: Just a Quick Up date.

I’ve been doing Michael Mosley’s fast fitness for two weeks now, and I thought it was time that I should do an update. As I said before, I plan to follow this regime for six weeks and then take a view on whether I want to continue based on what progress has been made. I’m now a third of the way through that plan, and I thought it was time to reflect on what has happened.

It is so hard to get up in the morning when I know I have Fast Fitness to do. These are the days when I have to leave my flat and run up and down the hill near my house four times fast. It’s absolutely brutal, there’s no getting away from it. The only way I can persuade myself to get out of bed on those days and put my jogging clothes on is to remember: the first sprint isn’t as bad as you think it will be and to keep in mind that the fourth sprint is bad, but you get over it quicker than you think you will.

I am surprised to get on the scale and find my weight seems to be increasing 14.4 stone. Judging by the half-dozen times I’ve stood on the scale since I started fast exercise, I’m on average a pound heavier than I was before I started this exercise. The scales are obviously a notoriously bad measure of health because your weight is comprised of bone, muscle and fat. As my weighted plateaued for a long time and the 5:2 diets seem to have stopped reducing my weight, I’m going to assume that this pound is a pound of muscle rather than a pound of fat: Although it’s very hard to know whether the exercise is causing me to eat more during my non-fast days.

I think I do look better. But as yet there is no sign of that elusive sixpack. Certainly, I think, that my arms and chest are getting bigger. But it’s very hard to tell, and to be honest, that could just be wishful thinking.

Fast strength does seem to make my fasting days easier. What I mean by this is if I do the seven minutes of press ups starred jumps and squats, et cetera on a day when I happened to be eating only 600 calories, then I don’t get as hungry. But if anything I would suggest that when I’ve done fast fitness, on a fasting day that made it a lot tougher. Wiping myself out first thing in the morning on a day when I planned to eat, not very much was quite hard to recover. I’ve only done this once, but basically on Monday. I couldn’t concentrate at all.

Even with a six min warm up, you can be done in 20mins, but in total, with posing in front of the mirror there is no way of getting done in less than half an hour.

Don’t operate heavy machinery: Fast Fitness is not without its risks. Knackered, I dropped my egg timer on the floor and broke it. I walked up to the fridge after one of my workouts and tried to put my egg timer back on the fridge, the wrong way round. The non-magnetic side did not stick to the fridge and it smashed on the floor when I let go. It is hard to think straight after the sprints, so it’s probably worth avoiding making important life decisions straight after one of the workouts.

Finally, much to my enormous irritation, my new “thin clothes” are now too big. I don’t know if this is because they’ve stretched out, or because doing the fast strength has reduced my waistline. But this morning I had to cut a new hole in my belt to stop my trousers from falling down. I know that would usually be intensely good news, but this is the third set of “thin clothes” I’ve had to buy.” On the last shopping trip: I bought several sets, so dropping a size now is slightly irritating.

I don’t plan to measure my fitness again until the end of the six weeks, because if there are, by chance, counterintuitive results. I don’t want that to demotivate me but the anecdotal evidence is that two weeks of doing these exercises has improved my strength, fitness and waste to height ratio.

I’d really be interested to know, if there is a difference between men and women doing this exercise regime? In Michael Mosley’s book. The lady he writes it with implies that she doesn’t do the fast strength workouts. As I find fast strength quite easy, and fast fitness quite tough. I’d be really interested to know if ladies experience the opposite. If anybody knows a girl who is trying out the fast exercise regime: I’d love to hear from them.