Five Tips for Perfect alfresco dinning


Alfresco dinning is supposed to be nice, so if you do dare risk the elements how do you get the recipe right?

Who are you trying to impress? If you happen to be on an SAS survival course, and the primary objective is to prove that you are going to be able to make it back from behind enemy lines then sure, it doesn’t matter what you eat, just so long as you get enough calories, in that situation, eat out of a bin however for most of us though, a bit of thought a head of times goes down really well with our dinning partner.

Tip One: Be Natural:


Alfresco dining lends spectacle to the occasions. It also creates an authentic situation. No matter how good a restraints décor it will never equal

the splendor of nature. Our desire for nature is pretty hard wired. This is why we grab bits of nature and level it carcasses around us indoors, like

putting flowers out on tables, or paneling a room with oak, it is all to give you subliminal feeling that you are in a “natural” situation.

The best alfresco dinning allow you to experience some form of natural phenomenon. One of the best I have ever had was eating with a view of the ocean watching male humpback wales breaking to impress females in an epic mating dance. If humpback whales aren’t available consider somewhere that gives you an opportunity to see nature in action: A picnic in Richmond Park is perfect example.


Tip two: Create a sense of placefood buy the vines

Sundown is clearly the best time to be eating alfresco. A great trick is to create a sense of place by putting yourself in a location that has some history. One of my favorite London examples is the Dove in Hammersmith. They have an amazing little balcony. You can see over the Thames and as the sun sets you get an amazing view of Hammersmith Bridge. I always wander how this view has changed since it inspired James Thomson to write the song Rule Britannia in 1740 (Reff Wikipedia ;-).


Tip three: Seasonal food

It’s not always possible to be outside, so eating outside creates a truly unique moment in time. The sky will never quite look as it does now again and no one else will ever hear that particular bird song. It always works well if you can draw attention to this fact with your choice of food. The classic example of this is eating English strawberries at Wimbledon, with a little research the trick can be repeated, at any time of year: is a great site for working out what food is at its best right now.


Tip four:  Hope for the best prepare for the worst

English wine camping

It may be stating the bleeding obvious, but have a think about what the weather is doing? Arcus is smart phone app that gives you real time weather forecast for your exact location. Most of us spend so little time out doors that we, don’t think about temperature, wind-speed and precipitation.

All three of those environmental variables can be prepared for and tolerated to an extent. Ask any keen cyclist and they will tell you. There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing.

 Last Tip: No when to make a hasty retreat.

Dashing in from the rain, can form a great memory, while getting cold is never pleasant, get wet is ok, if you can get in and get warm. No matter how well you prepare, you need to be able to escape. Whatever you had planned, nothing will makes someone feel looked after more than if you have taken the trouble to have a back-up plan. The indoors is therefore a reason after all.


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