FTR48W 4FT round wooden folding table – fold away legs

Best call we ever made: Do you know what is great; the wheel. All the electronic gizmos in the world will never knock the wheel off the top ten list of all-time great human inventions:


Add a wheel to almost anything and it gets better the wheelie-suitcase and heelys the shoes are just two awesome cases in point. In fact now I think of it, probably the best way to make money is to look for an item in common use and add a wheel to it and say you “invented” something.


These tables saved me from making a massive mistake. Wine Rides is an event that runs “Just in time”. In the middle of the weekend we pack down our camp and move it to another vineyard while the customers are out having a fabulous time exploring the Sussex and Kent coast. Meantime we are running around like mad men moving a camp so they don’t have to. We were going to use fold up tables that became benches, but for a pilot event, before we had funds for kit we rented these: We ditch the original idea, and we have never looked back.


Anything made of wood is heavy: If you can’t make something light add wheels or make it the shape of a wheel. As a result they can be moved by one person not two. They can be put out in the time it takes you to walk from the van to the dining area.  Because the circumference is huge, they roll well on rough and uneven ground.


They go flat and that means other kit can be piled on top of them. If like me you want to use them in an outdoor context: get staff to wear gloves. Having a splinter imbed in your had and 5mph is no fun at all.


The reason these work so well for us is that: the surface is going to get marketed up but we cover them with table cloths. That lends a really nice formal ‘Alfresco’ dining element to the trip.


If you have read a review of a circular table, then I am guessing you are planning your own event. These are good. They haven’t let me down yet: seem fairly indestructible. Also the rubber strip act a bit like a tire and is easier to bodge a repair that with the metal ones.


I like to imagine you (reader) gliding around in heelys with a wheelie suitcase setting up tables for yours awesome event. If this blog has helped you at all, as one event planner to another, I would be super grateful if you could either share this post with someone who will find it useful, or like our face book page.


Remember: if it heavy, don’t pick it up. (Get one of the staff to do it)


Best of luck: Alex