Hayley Baines-Buffery: Why do we buy to waste?

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I think its fascinating looks at the reasons why people manage to spend money on products they later dispose of. That’s not only tragic if it stops us doing the things we want with our time and money, but it is also a shame for the planet and intern everyone who will have to live on it in the future.


Why do we buy to waste?

Like many people I hate waste and have always been quite frugal. I work hard and hate to see my money going to waste. That’s why it is so painful for me when I get caught out by the many pitfalls of being a consumer today.

Despite my best efforts I seem predestined to repeatedly make one of two mistakes:

I grow too attached to unimportant items and I fail to recognise the really important purchasing decisions when they come along so I make rash choices that haunt me later.

Who doesn’t have shelves and shelves of CDs collecting dust, (apart from young people presumably)? Once loved now ignored, we rent our possessions room in our homes which we could take back and enjoy ourselves if only we had the will power. My loft, the bottom of that wardrobe, the drawer full of clothes that don’t fit and never will: they are all mini landfill sites. ‘

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