If your Stag doesn’t want a stripper.

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I once worked for the BBC on a show that was broadly about the difference between men and women. We recreated an experiment that show that when men were in the presence of ‘hot’  women there risk taken behaviour increased. The hansom fella in the long black coat is me in my fatter days:

The point of the experiment is that attractive women increase male testosterone levels and this  inter makes men more likely to take increased risks. I remember planning this shoot. We talked about shooting or cutting a sequence that involved lots of archetypal male activity that showed men taking increase risks: Base Jumping, bungie jumping, wrestling. I joked with my female boss that I would like them to do that sequence and then cut to me doing my typical male activity of taking the bins out.

The point I was making is that most blokes art on steroids, constantly throwing themselves of

buildings or getting into fights. It’s not enough we still have the historical pressure to earn more than our female partners, we are also supposed to recreationally fight tigers while maintaining a

body fat of less than 8%. In the meantime your friends expect you to drink like a fish and mock any attempt to watch what you eat.

Stag do’s in particular come with a lot of cultural baggage. Let’s face it they are a not insignificant expenditure, even if you all agree to constrain the budget. So you want to make sure everyone is going to enjoy it, especially the stag! Most blokes have to contend with the question of weather or not to have a stripper. I would be interested to know what the split is these days: I know I have lived a sheltered existence. None of the stag do’s I have been on have had one.

Not least it’s weird, in so much as most women don’t want their partners to have, one and most men don’t really want to lie to their partners about having had a stripper. It could be me, but I don’t see my friends all that often. After university people end up scattered around the country, if not the planet. There are the odd significant birth days that merit a weekend away with friends, but other than that, holidays with friends consist of stag do’s. Often enough many of the people who should be on the stag are in fact female. If there is one thing girls tend to be better at than guys, it is checking in with each other via text and phone. Even if it is lads only, its nice to be able to spend at least a little time chatting and catching up.

If your stag likes wine or cycling Wine rides will be perfect for them. There’s a fun activity, its chilled out and there is plenty of booze on hand that wont give you a massive hang over. Also we love having stags on Wine Rides. The stags that come on a Wine Ride are great guys. I also remember my own wedding and know what a special time it is. It means a lot to me to be able to see groups of friends getting together at this important time and I love being able to help create great stag do’s that are fun not hideous.


If you are planning stag do for next summer and think a wine ride might be for your group get in touch, and we will see what we can do for you:

email info@winerides.co.uk