Just a little, can mean a lot.

This morning i decided to test my fitness again. Recently i’ve noticed when
heading out for my morning run, that my heart rate monitor has been showing
my heart rate to be around 60 beats per minute even when i’m not really
resting and and in fact walking about. So today i decided that i would do
the 1 mile walk vo2 max test.

Bear in mind that i do less than about 2 hours exercise a week at the
moment. I do a total of 4 minutes printing combined with less than 10
minutes press ups another strength based activities and i only do this for
days a week.

Amazingly i can now walk a mile in under 12 minutes and based on my current
weight and the heart rate that i have at the end of this mile walk (114
bmp) i’ve worked out that i have a vo2max of 56.52 ( in whatever units vo2
max is measured in ).

This means that as a result of cutting way back on the amount of refined
sugar that i eat, fasting for 2 days a week which means cutting my calories
down to 600 calories on the days when i’m fasting, i’m doing a small amount
of very intensive exercise i’ve managed to get my fitness into the
“superior” category. This means that i’m currently about as fit as most
professional athletes.