Last Chance for your First Adventure

wine cycling.png


I just wanted to send a quick note out to say that the first fantastic season of Wine Rides is coming to a close, and that there is only one more opportunity remaining this year to book a place on this fantastic adventure.

It’s a funny thing to say, but one of the best parts of running Wine Rides this year has been learning what we are for! A number of our guests have been keen cyclists, who use the bike as a way of getting to and from work and really like the idea of pedalling out over the horizon on a fun and adventurous holiday.

What we have been able to do is give them that first touring experience, with none of the uncertainty or hassle of planning an unsupported trip.

Our routes are planned and documented in detail so it is virtually impossible to get lost. We also have a vehicle and tools, so rescue is possible if you get into any trouble.

The distances and difficulty have been researched and planned so the days are full but manageable, taking you through some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery and past national monuments like Bodiam Castle.

You can rent a bike from us if you need one, or you can bring your own.

We provide the right kind of food, in the right amounts, at the right times of day. Our trips include wine tasting, the perfect reward after a day’s cycling.

Our all-inclusive packages mean you don’t have to pitch your tent at the end of the day, you just arrive and enjoy award winning British wine and food in the landscape in which it was grown.

Wine Rides is the perfect way to ease yourself into the world of cycle touring. What you learn with us you can take anywhere.

What’s more, this last weekend (20th – 22nd September) is particularly special. England has had one of the hottest summers for years and the vines are full to bursting. The exact date of the harvest is not yet known but it is very likely that this ride will be just before the grapes are picked and as the leaves start to turn to a kaleidoscope of green, red, and russet, there really isn’t a more beautiful time of year to make the trip.

If you have had a long year so far and just need a short, sharp get away, where you can do something totally different, hassle free and relaxing, then book on this last Wine Ride adventure. I promise you won’t regret it.