Never get involved in politics. D’oh!

They say that you should never let your business be associated with a political party, because you will put off all the customers who support any of the other political parties: D’oh!

So why have I broken this cardinal rule? I don’t have any problem with people whose political priorities are different from my own, I am worried about man made climate change, and think the best way to save the planet is to be seen having more fun than anyone else in an environmentally friendly way. For instance you may want to go on an exciting cycling holiday in the UK and at the same time become one of those Mysterious, Shadowy Political Benefactors.  Such as the kind that have dinner with the PM.

The best value for money way of becoming a Political Benefactor that I am aware of is to give Tom Chance some cash for his campaign.  If you donate £500 or more to Tom’s election campaign then you can have a Bell Tent on one of our upcoming Wine Rides.

None of the money goes to us. It is all for their campaign. I would like to say that this silver tongued politician tricked me into giving up one of our places. But the truth is we are friends and I was so excited when I heard he was running I offered a spot up as a reward because I wanted to do whatever I could to help him on his way.

The more observant of you will have noticed that this is the second place I have given away to a good cause. The post bellow about Afrikids being the other instance: That’s it for this year! There won’t be doing anymore. I am not made of generosity.

If you would also like to Help the Green Party on their way please go here:

If supporting Afrikids is something you would like to do please go here:

Please also note that it is perfectly acceptable to simply buy a holiday and enjoy yourself  here.