Our bike hanger needs a name!


Bikehangar Planters Wood

Great news guys! Tudor Road is getting its first Lambeth cycle hanger. This is secure overnight, on street parking for bicycles. It will look something like the images above: One of them shows a mockup of it in front of 18 Tudor Road, where it will live. The second image shows a hanger with planters at either end. Ours will have this and these will be planted out with herbs that everyone is welcome to help themselves to.

The company that will be maintaining them need a name for the hanger so it can be identified. Rather than numbering it, we thought it might be nice to honour somebody locally who is generally regarded as having done a lot for the community.

If you know somebody, who lives locally either a friend acquaintance or business owner, and you feel they’ve done a lot to make living in Crystal Palace better for you and other people you know; then please nominate them here:


Rather than naming the hanger after a dead person or a celebrity, we thought it would be nicer to name them after a living, active member of the community.

It doesn’t really matter, who it ends up being named after the process of coming up with a name is a brilliant way to bring out stories of all the good things that are happening locally. My understanding is that a shortlist will be drawn up, based on the suggestions made at the link above, and then there will be a public vote to pick the eventual winner.

Please feel free to discuss your suggestions here: anybody you choose to nominate will be honoured to have their contribution acknowledged. But in order for the nomination to count you do have two submitters at the link above. :-)

*** FYI: There isn’t much time. The final vote will happen before Nov 18, so get your suggestion in ASAP. *****