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Yesterday was father’s day and the day our first baby was due. Hayley and I are still waiting for the big arrival. What did arrive on Father’s day was a blast from my own childhood. Still to this day I occasionally pull on a jumper and find a label that my mum put in so that when I lost it, it would find its way back to me.

Perhaps subliminally, I knew that I was about to become a parent and therefore it was time for me to invest in a label maker.

Like a kind of acid test for maturity the label maker arrived, I failed and I turned into a child. The first label I wrote read “my wife.” The second label I wrote read: “my tools” and the third label “new toy” which was of course stuck to the label maker.

Hayley and I are interested in environmental issues; one of our close friends Tom Chance is running to be the Green party candidate for London mayor. A perennial topic of conversation amongst this group of friends is the evils of Western overconsumption. I remember going round a palace in Turkey on holiday and watching thousands of people elbow each other to shuffle past golden trinkets, which were once the property of a sultan. Hayley and I remarked that the planet was probably doomed. People seem to have an unquenchable fascination with material objects.

Owning a label maker is a great way of observing this property in yourself: It’s a bizarre feeling having the power to print out tiny sticky labels that you can place on objects. It’s a very tangible way of staking ownership. I can only assume that this is one of the reasons why some people have a fascination with flags.

It really surprised me, how sitting with the label maker visible, I felt compelled to “organise” things. A label is a very powerful thing, nobody likes to be labelled, but until recently I had never felt the adrenaline rush, which comes with the act of labelling. Humans have a deep-seated desire to impose order on the environment. Once you’ve put a label on something, you’ve simplified things which, makes it easier for you to operate in the world.

Owning my own label maker brought out the mini despot in me. I can’t help wondering whether owning a label maker would satiate real dictators, or feed their desire to control others. Apparently Steve jobs wore the same outfit every day, blue jeans and a black polo neck to reduce decision fatigue. By wearing the same clothes every day he was able to avoid making unimportant outfit decisions, which allowed him to devote attention to meaningful decisions.

Who knows how many lives could be saved if we sent P-touch 1000’s to every point on the axis of evil.

Real P-touch 1000 label maker review:

Owning one is better than not owning one. Though obviously, I want the labels to use up as little tape as possible per label. Not for environmental reasons, just so I don’t have to order more tape. It is difficult to understand the settings, trial and error getting set up right waists a lot of tape, which made me wonder about the manufactures malign intentions: is this a razor and blade strategy? therwise seems like a good very retro 80’s toy. I’m looking forward to enjoying a new organisational paradigm in my life.