Pollution must stop.

Err, you are not supposed to talk about politics. I am supposed to pretend that I hold no political views at all in case I end up putting off customers, who hold opposing views. So if you disagree with me I am sorry and I promise if you come on Wine Rides I will not make you discuss this issue.

On the other hand if you want to run an ethical company, I feel you have to pay your dues and sometimes back ideas you believe in. That’s why this week I am using my little corner of the web to talk about the smog that has descended on London.

2000-4000 people in London die prematurely every year. Air pollution kills more people than Aids, smoking, road accidents and diabetes combined, and is the world’s single biggest environmental health risk.

The pollutants we have now in the UK are very small. As a result we don’t see these harmful particles that come mostly from vehicle engines and heating systems.  You only have to leave the capital, for a couple of hours and you can feel how much fresher the air is.

You may not think its important now, but one day you might have, or know a child with asthma who is having severe attacks and can’t play with their friends. Or you could become an older person with breathing difficulties slowly succumbing to this invisible poison.  We are literally breathing in our own waste. It’s not good enough: gold fish get treated better than this. At least they have their water changed from time to time.

Our government could at least do what the French do. Tell us when the pollution is bad and restrict car use in big cities when levels are dangerously high. They could also stop messing about and start investing in good public transport and cycling infrastructure so we don’t need to use are cars so much.

The air in London is bad. I always feel much better when I manage to get out. There’s nothing like a good long bike ride in the fresh air to clear your lungs and give your skin a break from the pollution. Until Boris Johnson, sorts the situation out and makes it easy for people to enjoy cycling in London I will regularly head out for a blast on my bike in the beautiful Sussex hills.

It really is time our political representatives realised that Cities are for people; they are not dormitories for cars. We need roads wide enough for fire trucks or ambulances to get down, other than that we should have wide beautiful pavements designed for people to walk along.

If you want to help see that change happen then please lend your support to this campaign:


If you want a break from the pollution, and please join us on beautiful and exciting Wine Ride: here