Powerball Tm: Review

Power Ball reviewWhat I like about the Powerball Tm is that it’s very small. It’s a gyroscope. You use your hands to make it spin at a couple thousand rpm, which is very cool. Dumb bells use the force of gravity to provide resistance. The gyroscopic action of the spinning ball creates force that replaces the force of gravity, so you use that resistance to build muscle.

In short I can recommend the Powerball Tm. I like it. But I hate recommending exercise equipment and this is why:  “Never have anything in your home that is neither useful or beautiful” William Morris. That’s one of those wonderful adages that I would love to live by but don’t. The trouble is that whilst I occasionally have the strength to throw stuff out, for the most part I lack the ruthlessness to really pare down my possessions. Also I am a sucker for gym equipment: so am hyper skeptical about exercise equipment in general even though I have to keep myself in pretty good shape in order to run Wine Rides.

I have had a Powerball Tm for 2 years, but only recently came across some scientific evidence that it works, so now I use it more and finally feel happy to recommend the Powerball Tm to you.

Home gym equipment is the European version of the Zulu Tikoloshe. I once ended up with an ugly Leather mask in my house. It was a superstitious object.  Tikoloshes are supposed to represent a mischievous spirits. You can’t throw it away otherwise; supposedly someone close to you will die. You have to look after it and, the only way to get rid of this thing is to get someone else to accept it:


I received the Tikoloshe  reluctantly, and then became more and more freaked out by it every time I open the draw it was in and got a fright. I am glad to say I eventually binned the Tikoloshe. This was hard. Like throwing a weights bench out, it was leather and felt expensive. At the end of the day I just had to take the brave pill and mentally file it in the same place as those horrible manipulative chain emails that used to go around.

Home fitness equipment is exactly the same: A few years ago my neighbor’s where throwing out a work out bench and a set of metal dumb bells. I naively received them and used them quite solidly for maybe 6 months.  After a while the weights set got moved out of site and out of mind, they eventually gathered dust and then came the discussion about throwing them out. In the end I caved but giving up the weights felt like admitting defeat. Parting with them made me feel like a failure. I was admitting that I was never going to get the muscled body of an underwear model.

Being physically attractive is desirable, being fit and health is great, but when I look back and think how much of my life has been wasted running on treadmills, I get slightly ticked off. 

The only pieces of “exercise” equipment that are really worth having are: an egg timer to count down thirty seconds whilst you do sprints or reps such as press ups, Running shoes, bathroom scales and a heart rate monitor. And even that stuff is pointless if you don’t first sort your diet out.

Powerball Tm’s greatest asset is that it is small: It’s like having an entire multigym that can fit in your pocket. Mine lives in a coffee mug in the cupboard above my kettle. While I am waiting for the coffee to boil I sometimes get it spinning up to speed and if I am sure no-one is looking, do a bit of sloth speed shadow boxing with it.

The major down side is that it is horrifically noisy. Hayley hates it when I use it and she is around. I don’t think it would be a great bit of kit to have to take away on trips; unless your travel companions are deaf.

(forgot how ludicrously violent these old cartoons were)

 If you want forearms like Popeye then this is the bit of kit for you. Perhaps your squash game could do with a boost or you’re a drummer for a heavy metal rock band. Mine is more of and “executive” toy I use to stop my blood boiling while I am being kept on hold on the phone.

Eventually we all have that moment when we realize that exercising to stay in shape is bullshit: Next time that moment dawns on you and you want to do something fun that will help you get fit: then why don’t you book on Wine Rides? It’s fun and will give you a goal, something to train for? You can use your massive powerful forearm’s you develop to lift the glass of wine at the end of it!