Review: Hozelock 4in1 Porta Shower

Hozelock 4in1  Review

Hozelock 4in1


In the lead up to Christmas I thought I might start doing a few more helpful product reviews, so that people can decide what to get their significant other as gift:

I know the feeling: For a few weeks now you have been lying awake at night thinking shall I buy the Hozelock 4in1 Porta Shower? It costs £26 and is made in Birmingham (UK).

On the one had it does look like it will be useful. On the other hand if you are going to use it as a shower, it will contain hot water, and if you are going to use it for pesticide then it is going to be full of hazardous material. Can you trust anyone from Birmingham to make a pressurized container that will hold either scolding or chemically burning liquid?

It is a tricky question. Despite that truly awful accent, I am pleased to assure you that these showers work well and in my experience Birmingham is actually peopled by entirely competent human beings.

Where I grew up was not a million miles away from Birmingham and I could have grown up with that accent, but at a fairly early age I realized that it would have catastrophic consequences for my life chances, so I made a conscious effort not to speak like a lobotomized clown.

I and 100’s of my customers have been using these for years. Even though they are plastic after 2 years of regular use they are still holding up well. In fact where I have found they do show ware, on the rubber hose it is easy to deal with by just shortening it.

Incidentally Birmingham is a great city. It has more miles of canals than Venice, one of the country’s top Universities that produces world class research, a fantastic and modern central library and I can genuinely see a case for moving the UK Parliament to our nations seconds city.

Ok, I am making some cheap jokes at Birmingham’s expense. That’s because the best performing blog I have ever written is this silly review of these walkie-Talkies. I am just a small business owner valiantly having an unnecessary go at the place were at least one or two people I still keep in touch with come from, in order to drive traffic to my website. What’s wrong with that? Come on Birmingham. How can you hold that against me? You’re better than that!