Review of Retevis H-777 UHF 400-470MHz Frequency Range Walkie Talkies

Every now and again I like to leave helpful feedback when i buy things on Amazon.

Walkie Talkies

Title: They help with the crushing isolation and loneliness of modern life.

We bought these as communication tools to help my wife and I co-ordinate our work running our Wine Rides events:

I was particularly pleased when the Walkie-Talkies arrived that they both came with earpieces reminiscent of the sort Kevin Costner wore in the 1992 film the Body Guard. Much to my long suffering wife’s distress, this resulted in me intermittently throwing myself in front of her to catch an imaginary bullet in the chest and testing the range by walking up the road and stopping every now and again to sing “Annnnd I-e-I, will always love you-ooo” into it. Finally I also like the fact that the head set means you can use them to make your voice sound like you are a police man speaking into a loud-hailer. “Come out, with your boobs out” was one such statement that made me laugh and was met with a look of total derision.

Perhaps the time when they are of the most value is when you have line of site to the other person, but are just struggling to hear them. It’s funny to speak to each other, and use the word “over” at the end of your sentence even when you know the other person can see your lips have stopped flapping about. The range is not amazing, but more than adequate for what we are doing hence 4 stars and the clarity is still good enough for silly accents to be funny, rather than irritating.