Stella & Viennetta enjoying things around a £1

Yesterday Hayley and I had cause for celebration. So we went out and had a meal in a local restaurant we had been thinking of trying for a while.

Not only was the food Kishmish amazing it was also super reasonable. It is a very rare event that I both enjoy what I am eating and find that we have over ordered and I can’t clear every plate.

They don’t have a license so on the way there I stopped and picked up some beers. In the overpriced off-license I settled on 4 cans of Stella for 4 pounds. As Hayley and walked to the restaurant I joked that I don’t know when or why I stopped drinking beer from cans.

I am pretty sure at university I didn’t have trouble having a tin, and I don’t think of myself as a snob, so I don’t know how it came about that I mostly drink bottled wheat beer. I think it has to be that we tend not to have that much alcohol in the house and odd wheat beers tend to be the only thing in the supermarket on offer in the quantities I want to drink.

As I sit writing this the following day with the third of my Stella’s having gone to my head, I am struck by how strong it is. I caught myself wondering if the Stella was worse for me because it was cheap? This is the same kind of thing you think about when you have McDonald’s. But very quickly the logical part of my brain jumped in and slapped me on the wrist for being so silly. The truth is that both Stella and the wheat bears are bad for me. The true is that both McDonald and my preferred GBK are bad for me, but I partake because it is fun.

On the way back from said restaurant, I elected to buy ice cream. I used to be fat. So now I have one sweet thing a week. That’s my rule. But I am always sure that that one sweet thing is a very indulgent thing. In the same off license a couple of hours later we stood in front of the fridge trying to justify to ourselves spending £5.85 on Ben and Jerry’s. I will be honest with you, I think had I been on my own I would have gone for it.

Hayley on the other hand was protesting. I don’t think I love Ben and Jerry’s too much. I think Hayley cares too much for the £5.85. Anyway it turned out amazing! At the back of the fridge was a Viennetta. Do you remember them? I have the memory as kid of Viennetta being something of a big deal. A family of six would sit around and have one between them. Well they are now retailing at £1.25. Young people may never be able to get on the housing ladder but with Viennetta at that price you can’t tell me living standards aren’t on the rise!

Luckily because I am old enough to remember my family huddled over a Viennetta trying to slice it with razor, eating a whole one to myself made me feel like a king. But it really did make me wonder: do I normal only enjoy Ben and Jerry’s because I feel it is a little too expensive? From now on I am really going to try and think about how much pleasure something gives me regardless of the price.