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Day one: Your Cycling Itinerary

25 miles

On the first day we start at Wadhurst train station, in the middle of beautiful countryside. The group set off together on a guided ride and we travel south to the lovely village of Heathfield, where Wine Rides will lay on a picnic lunch of sandwiches, snacks and a drink for guests who have booked an all-inclusive package. At this point, you’re welcome to carry on or have a drink at the Half Moon pub and enjoy the beautiful view from their beer garden.

At lunch your guide will leave you and go ahead and check everything back at camp is in order, and you will make your own way to the first vineyard, Carr Taylor. Don’t worry, we have well tested, detailed directions with maps and pictures of key junctions, so it’s very hard to get lost.

After lunch you’ll find yourself going through the historic town of Battle, with its fantastic ninth century abbey: reputedly the location where King Harold of 1066 fame died.

Assuming you cycle at a leisurely pace, this route of 23 miles can be completed in around five  hours, which includes plenty of time for a decent stop for lunch and plenty of breaks along the way.


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Day two

23 miles (Optional 34m Cycle route with Extra Vineyards)


On day two, we have several routes for you to choose from. If you are looking for more of a challenge, we can show you a number of routes that take in various vineyards in the Weald. If you’re just looking for a relaxing trundle to the beach, then we can give you directions that take you via Rye.

The wonderful thing about the second day’s ride, whichever route you take, is that you transfer from the thickly wooded sandstone of the High Weald to the chalk grasslands of the Low Weald. This change in habitat results in a marked transformation of the vegetation, you move from Robin Hood-esque ancient oaks to fantastic flowered grasslands.

On day two, some great places to stop include: Bodiam Castle, a 14th century moated castle or Sissinghurst Castle with its fantastic National Trust gardens and Chapel Down, the UK’s largest producer of wine.


Day three

17 miles

3The final day of cycling is perhaps the most beautiful. From the hidden gem of Sedlescombe Organic vineyard you cycle North towards Wadhurst station.

As you climb back up into the High Weald you see why this landscape is so fantastic. You will wind your way through ancient coppice woodland, and pass beautiful medieval fields which have remained unchanged since they were carved out of the woodland 400 years ago.

At lunch, you can stop and picnic at Marshalls Lake, or at one of a number of fantastic historic pub serving local and seasonal food.

While you ride we transport or your luggage and any extra wine you have bought.


Who is this for?

The first question we are often asked is: Is it hilly? Yes, it is hilly, but our route is much less hilly than most cycling locations in Europe. That’s why it is such a fun place to go and play. The reason why the Weald is the perfect place to grow wine is that it has gently rolling sandstone hills and is in the hottest driest region of the UK.

Everyone is welcome, and our route is designed to appeal to the majority of people who take regular exercise. Customers over 60 years older do have a great time, but seem to find it a bit more tiring than people in their 20′s and 30′s. So it is worth considering before you book that you will be outside for 3 days straight and physically active on all three days.