Very excited about our own Wine Ride Which starts on Friday


Wine Rides is over now for this year. We don’t start up again till, may 2014 (see dates here:

So Hayley and I are off on our own little adventure. Normally I would say there are three kinds of Cycling Tours: Dead runs, loops and flowers

Dead run: is get the train. Get off at a stop and cycle in a roughly straight line to another station.

Loop: get the train, cycle in a massive loop around a region and get back to the same entry point.

Flowers:  Get train to a location, cycle to a self-catered apartment and then cycle a different little loop away from the appointment in a radial pattern. Therefore the whole trip resembles a (badly) drawn flower when see on a map.

Well we think we have found a fourth. It is either, a bunch of straws or a tungsten light bulb filament.

We’ve rented a camper van from this cool company we found:  If it is good I will let you all know. Obviously if it’s not, I am not going to slag another tourism company off on my company’s blog!

I am picking it up tomorrow and then we are getting the ferry to France on Friday morning, with a bottle of Sedlescombe wine in hand. Which I know is a bit like taking coals to Newcastle, but there you go.

The nice thing about running our own holiday company is that we now own all the extras for this anyway, so we just had to rent the camper. Normally on cycling holiday s we never have a car. But as we have a vehicle this time we are taking a bit more kit. If you fancy doing a similar trip to France please feel free to use the info below.


france trip map

(click to enlarge)

Places we may visit in Loire Valley:

  1. Chateau de Chambord – East of Blois. Worth spending a day there. Campsite not too far away called Camping Rural de Chatillion.
  2. Nearby there is also Chateau Chaumont sur Loire
  3. Vouvrey – has some good vineyards. Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau is recommended by Decanter. Located just east of Tours, also worth visiting
  4. Azay le Rideau is a chateau, with a campsite overlooking it. From here, Chateau Villendry (a must see, with its kitchen gardens) and Chateau d’Usse are both within cycling distance
  5. Nearby there is Langeais which is meant to be a nice town
  6. Chinon – a nice town, with a nice looking campsite right on the river. This is at the heart of another wine region. The vineyard Domaine de la Noblaie is just south of Chino and comes recommended by Decanter. It’s within cycling distance of Chinon
  7. Saumur itself is a recommended town, with vineyards nearby including Domaine de la Paleine, recommended by Decanter. The closest town to this vineyard is Montreuil-Bellay where there is also a campsite. Chateau de Breze is also an easy ride from the campsite.

Addresses and Directions:

1. Camping Rural de Chatillion, 6 Rue de Chatillion, D33, 41350 Huisseau sur Cosson (not in Michillen Guide)

2. Closest campsite to both the Vineyard and Tours itself is “Municipal le Bec de Cisse” Page 289 Michelin Guide described as a small site beside the river

2. Domaine Vigneau-Chevreau is located just off the D46, west of Chancay

3. Camping Municipal Le Sabot is right next to the chateau Azay La Rideau. The campsite is located just East of the Chateau on the Rue de Stade, off of Rue de Pineau

3. To get to Villendry from the campsite, we head North of Azay La Rideau onto the D39 passing through Valleres, then turning right onto the D7 which will take us to Villendry

3. Chateau d’Usse is located on the D7, West of the other two chateau

4. Campsite L’Ile de Auger in Chinon is just South of the town on Quai Danton, Chinon 37500.

4. The vineyard Domaine de la Noblaie is not on any main roads so may be trickier to find.

  • Head South of Chinon on D749 Av. St Lazare
  • At main roundabout turn left onto Rue Rene Cassin
  • At the placename La Galvaudrie, turn right onto Rue de Vindoux, which later becomes Rue D’Lors (we’ll probably see vineyards and hopefully signs!)
  • Turn left onto Rue de Vileneuve then right onto Rue des Hautes Cours.
  1. Campsite is called Le Nobis, Rue Georges Girouy near Montreuil- Bellay.
  • To visit the vineyard from here we will need to cycle (9km total) over the river on Av du Pont Napoleon, then left onto Av Paul Painleve, and follow D77
  • D77 will reach Puy Notre Dame, here we need to head North on D87 on Rue de Paleine. Here we will find Domaine de la Paleine.
  1. Chateau do Breze is close to Saumur, and 12.5km from the campsite
  • Take D360 North of M.B towards Saint Just sur Dive
  • Turn right onto D162
  • Turn right onto Place de la Gare and continue onto Rue Belles Caves
  • Turn right onto D93 and you will reach the Chateau


Kits List:


-    Pass ports

-    Driving license

-    Ferry Tickets

-    Directions

-    Van Booking

-    Euros

-    Wallets

-    Phone

-    Keys

-    Guides

-    Maps

-    Call sheets-plan

-    Do we need and sterling Cash?


-    2 x batches flapjacks

-    Oats

-    Tin of spagbol

-    Pasta

-    Cheese

-    Nuts (snack)

-    Dry fruit

-    bananas

-    apples

-    Water x 5

-    Crisps x 6 (for drive)

-    Cake

-    Milk

-    Bacon

-    Eggs

-    Butter

-    Tea

-    Coffee

-    Wine

-    Shampangie


-    black bin bags

-    kettle

-    Stove Gas spear.

-    Cafetiere

-    Large chopping board

-    Bread knife

-    Thermos

-    Pims Oclock bag

-    Cereal bowls

-    Cooking pots.

-    Frying pan

-    Cool blocks

-    Cool bag

Bath room

-    toilet roll

-    Wash bag

-    Towels

-    Contact lenses and sunglasses

-    Soap

-    Tooth brush

-    Bungies (washing line)


-    Hot Water bottles

-    Lantern

-    Torch

-    Pillows?


-    Croquet set

-    Camera

-    tripod

-    Dvds

-    Kindle

-    Book


-    In car phone charger

-    Wine Rides Ltd satnav


-    Bike tool box

-    Bike pump

-    Locks

-    Water bottles

-    Spare inner tube

-    Sun cream

-    Basic first aid

-    Lights


-    Bike gloves

-    Bike jacket

-    Clip shoes

-    Lycra

-    Glovee

-    Wooly hat

-    Shirts

-    Trowsers

-    Sock

-    Pants

-    Jumpers

-    Big jacket