Vibram Fivefingers Bear-Foot Running shoe review.

These shoes are fantastic. Here are just five reasons to buy these shoes.


Your wife will be certain you are not having an affair.


They are great for driving in. The sense of of control as you grip the pedals with your toes is amazing and sometimes driving gloves for your hands just aren’t creepy enough.


Your a lot more stable on the ground. I used to roll my ankle a lot. It was damaged during my rugby carrier. I haven’t rolled it at all in these shoes not even when fleeing an angry mob of toe hating locals from the near by village where i jog.


Socks have been steeling time from my day for years. I am sure that now I have these, I will have the edge. I will have an extra 2 Minutes, hopefully I will be able to come up with an idea as good as ‘toe shoes’ genius!


I have yet to find another item of clothing that tells absolutely everyone else in the room that you just don’t care what they think. If you dance to the beat of your own drum these shoes are for you.


I have had these a few weeks and I still love them. I have taken to wearing them almost habitually. I wouldn’t go to a meeting with them, or anywhere that requires you to conform.


I have been surprised where they have come in handy. the fact that they are so small, is itself a an asset. I got them muddy the other day and didn’t want to put them in my rucksack without a plastic bag, which i didn’t have to hand. Fortunately i did have an A4 plastic sleeve for documents which they fit in fine, once i removed my print outs. I think they would work great as a spear set of shoes for your bag if you think you’re going to get wet.


five finger

They really are great to run in. I go sprinting twice a weak and now only sprint in these. The only thing that compares to these shoes is running in spikes which is something I haven’t done in years.


Around the house, the closest thing they feel like is flip-flops. they are very comfy. I go hiking quite a lot in mine and really like them as walking shoes. Though the whole bear-foot thing does take some time to get used to, it real works your calves, which my I understand from my scant reading of the research is the point of bear-foot.


I have high hopes that the will confer the health benefits they are supposed to i.e. better fitness and posture. When my walking shoe wear out I think I will switch over to the five finger version of those shoes. I really have been surprised how much i like them. So if you think you can cope with the questions, and you will be asked about them, then they are great and you should buy a pair.