Weekend 1 best quote: “I feel the need, the need for Mead”

Sussex Cycling

Sussex Cycling

Camping by the vines

Camping by the vines

Apologies: I wanted to write this blog quickly after our first weekend, while everything was still fresh in my mind, but a week has passed now.The first weekend of this year, like last year was a fantastic May weekend. All three days were spectacularly sunny but still being early in the year, Mrs Baines –Buffery was on hot water bottle duty and everyone I think slept with a cold nose.

This isn’t a long blog. I really just want to say huge thank you to Liz, Donna, Dawn, Gillian, Wendy Lucie, Caroline, & Jane (Clare, sorry you had to drop out).  You guys were the perfect guests and an absolute pleasure to host for the whole weekend.

There is nothing nicer for me than cooking, with the view of vines and the sound of laughter in the background. I keep saying it but the one thing I couldn’t have anticipated, is how many lovely people running Wine Rides has put me in touch with. I didn’t know what it was like to go away for the weekend with a bunch of mums. Now I know it’s lovely, and lots of fun.

Thanks also for all the amazing pictures you guys loaded on to Facebook. Particularly on the middle day when Hayley and I are moving the kit, it is amazing to see that other world that happens when you guys are off exploring Rye.



Seeing the Sea

Seeing the Sea


Flapjack recipe

As promised here is Hayley’s “No-body ever believes its vegan” flap jack recipe:



10 oz rolled oats

6 oz margarine (pure if vegan)

3 oz demerera sugar

3 tablespoons  golden syrup

3 oz sultanas (or other dried fruit or nuts) optional.


Melt marg in large pan over low heat.

Stir in sugar followed by syrup until the sugar is dissolved.

Turn off gas and stir in oats then fruit and nuts.

Spread mixture into baking tray to a thickness of 1 inch.

Bake 180 degree C 25mins or until golden on top.

Cut into 12 equal squares while still warm. Leave in tray to cool.

This should result in a soft chewy flap jack that vegans and none-vegans alike can enjoy with equal pleasure.


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