What is the difficulty rating, how many routes are there?

The route is designed so that anyone who takes regular, moderate exercise will not struggle.

It is hilly, but by no means as steep as the West Country, or as big as hills found in the majority of European cycling locations. Some guests who don’t do much cycling have found the first day is quite hilly, however the majority adjust completely and find our second and third days very enjoyable.

This is why we cycle with you until lunch on the first day. Depending on how much of a challenge you want, Alex can advise on alternative routes on the second and third days of the tour.

As a guide:

In our experience, if you are under 55 years of age, have a slight or medium build and do at least two hours moderate exercise a week (an activity that leaves you short of breath, to the point where speech becomes disrupted, or you sweat visibly) then you should find this trip challenging and enjoyable, but not too difficult.

If like Alex you are bigger, (have a BMI over 30) you may find it harder unless you do around five hours moderate activity a week.