What’s happening to all the fat people?

Last night Hayley and a went for dinner with a friend. Steve the guy in the couple we dined with was looking great. These days he sports a well-trimmed beard and has the air of a young and charming Russell Crow.


A while back at their wedding I had noticed that Steve had lost a lot of weight. A little while back while cycling home I bumped into a friend of mine who was just on the return leg of a jog. He to, was looking very svelte.


On my younger brothers stag do I sat opposite a 6’7 guy who had only a started for dinner and told me during a heartfelt conversation how amazing and grateful he felt to final be in control of his waist line.


I Love and am very passionate about the “50 pence bet”. It is amazing how much clarity of thought such a small amount of money brings to any conversation that would normally descend into idle speculation.


The example from last night: was a discussion of weather food back use will increase. I didn’t have a position on that but it was a bet I left like taking. As soon as you have 50 pence riding on it and it is an accountable bet then you have to start defining terms and making testable definitions. What does increase mean? Buy a single can of food, or do we mean and increase in the numbers of people who have used a food bank. Which record will we use as our accepted measure, whose figures do we trust? What do we mean by 5 years, on what day does the bet close?


I actually think that larger amounts of money create bravado and making it harder to think clearly about it. If you are betting painful amounts of money on it more about who has a good poker face. You do need some money on it though. If there is no money riding on it you just don’t focus your attention on the prediction properly and it is easy to keep saying and thinking the same lazy had wavy things you have in the past.




Based on not much research into the subject I am going to make to the outlandishly positive prediction. The rate of obesity in UK as measured by the Health Survey for England (HSE) will fall back to around 20% of the population by the 21/05/2020.


I reckon, Social media mean that the most active people posting images of themselves are people who are losing weight or have lost a lot of weight. Where as in the past someone would lose weight and get fat again and the whole episode would have been missed by most of their extended group, now more people will see that “After shot”.


It is easier to find good information about tactic and stratagems for losing weight. Large numbers of people have made it pretty clear that the one thing you can do above all else is cut down on the sweets. Sugar is that enemy and when combined with fat it as addictive as crack. Although the exercise industry loves to make you run for hours like a hamster on a wheel and news papers bombard us with fad diets, the reality is that some fundamental truths are penetrating the fog and getting through to the population at large.


Sugar and refined carbs are bad for you. Eating sweets in moderation means about once a week, you are an idiotic it you drink any “full fat” (actually sugar) soft drinks.


My guess it that the best informed fatties will disappear first, and a wave of weight loss will emanate out from them.


People won’t realize that the reason they final decided to get organized and do it. Subconsciously this is what will happen: Like an individual neuron in your head waiting to fire in your brain, you will react and action potential and fire up. Gradually more and more people will take work out what they need to do to look better.


My guess is that eventually it will be so obvious that the people calling for taxes and restriction on high sugar food were right, that legislation will change and the trend will become locked in.


That is my perdition and there is not in my calendar to see if I was right.