York Pushup Stands: Product Review.

York Pushup Stands


I have never used this type of thing before, so please be aware that I have no frame of reference when writing this review.

If you haven’t come across these devises before they are used to help you adjust the horizontal position of your face relative to the floor. Having two separate ‘these things’ rather than one devise means that depending on your size you can adjust where you place them on the floor.

I used mine to perform a press-up. I found that this was a little easier on my wrist compared to the last time I did a press-up in the mid 1990’s.

They allow you to use your body weight as resistance. The advantage is that you don’t have to use dumb bells or a bench press, which are heavy and tiresome to put away. Dead weights also take up a lot of space and contribute significantly to an airport baggage allowance. These are made of plastic and are very light. So are ideal for travel (as if!). I don’t mind picking them up to get them out, or picking them up to put them away. What I do have a problem with is doing press-ups.

The press up I did was easier on my wrist, but a lot harder on my pecks. Why anyone would want well developed pecks I don’t know? But if you do want them I am sure these will help.

I think pectoral muscles are vestigial organs that we humans lost the need for when we stopped swinging from the trees and throwing pointed stick into live animals for our dinner.

“Vestigial” is a word I learned, while not doing press-ups. Admittedly learning long words has done nothing for my physical appearance. However while more physically attractive men were in the gym, or their bedrooms inducing their bodies to retain dietary protein as skeletal muscle, I was out seducing women with my highly developed verbal reasoning skills. As a result I now find myself in a long term caring relationship, with a woman who loves me for who I am: Not because I have bloody massive arms.

I am just saying: These are cheap, and well made so seem to be good value. They are also comfortable to use. However you must value your time as well. In modern society with rule of law, CCTV and a reasonably honest police force, there is little need to have massive powerful limbs. Although large arms are attractive, is acquiring them a good return on investment? Perhaps you should first enter the market with minimum viable arms and wait till you have received enough feedback to justify building your arms up.

My wife’s apparent utter indifference regarding the circumference of my biceps has led me to conclude my money could have been better spent. Although the strength I have gained from using these has increased the power and ferocity with which I can take the recycling out, take it from me, women seem to be much more interested in the frequency with which men take the recycling out.

 So in conclusion these are good but could the money be better spent?


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